Plants of Botanical Gardens

Three botanical gardens of Makwanpur comprise 611 species of plants belonging to 460 genera and 147 families. Among them 480 (78.8%) medicinal and 102 ornamental plant genetic resources has been conserved in-situ as well as ex-situ condition. On the basis of their habit 280 (45.8%) herbaceous, 133 (21.8%) shrubby, 166 (27.2%) and 32 (5.%) climber are species. 

Among the all families Asteraceae is the largest family having 41 species which followed by Fabacee (40 sp.), Orchidaceae (29 sp.), Euphorbiaceae (22 sp.) and so on. Similarly, Ficus is the largest genera having 12 species which followed by Euphorbia (7 sp.), Albizia, Anaphalis, Cinnamomum and Rubus comprises 4 species each and so on.