Mountain Botanical Garden, Daman

Mountain BG Daman

Mountain BG was established in 2019 BS at Thaha Municipality, located at an altitude of 2320m in Daman area.  It covered 65 hectre and surrounded by Pine, Oak and Rhododendron forest. It harbors generally plants of high mountains with Temperate and Subalpine climatic zones in demoplots, shade houses and orchid houses. It conserved more than 206 plant species at in-situ and ex-situ condition. Daman area is very famous touristic area of Makwanpur district which have many possibilities for eco-tourism. 

Many Himalayan ranges like Mount Everest, Langtang, Ganesh Himal and many other could be observed in clear weather from Daman view tower. Some conserved plants are Swertia chirayita (Chirayito), Paris polyphylla (Satuwa), Taxus wallichiana (Louthsalla), Rubia manjith (Majitho), Astilbe rivularis (Thulo Okhati), Bergenia ciliata (Pashanved), Berberis aristata (Chutro), Mahonia napaulensis (Jamane mandro), Juglans regia (Okhar), Myrica esculenta (Kaphal), Aesculus indica (Lekh pangro), Daphniphyllum himalense (Rakchan), Valeriana jatamansii (Sugandhwal), Zanthoxylum armatum (Timur), Acorus calamus (Bojho), Rhododendron arboretum (Lali gurans), Tsuga dumosa (Thingre salla), Picea smithiana (Jhule salla), Abies spectabilis (Talis patra), Daphne bholua (Lokhta), etc.